Christa Highlander

My Bio

Hello, I’m Christa Eckman, a licensed esthetician and makeup artist in Texas. I obtained my esthetics license at The Aveda Institute in Austin,TX and trained with Terri Tomlinson at Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy (TTMTA) in Dallas, TX. At TTMTA I completed 140 hours of makeup training with the Complete Beauty and Advanced Makeup/Media Courses. I have completed focused training in airbrush, editorial, SFX (light) and men’s grooming.

I am currently working as a studio assistant manager at Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy and assisting Terri full-time on production shoots. As an assistant to senior artists, I have worked commercial print photography, HD video, men’s grooming, editorial, portrait, wedding, and special occasion jobs. As a freelance artist I have been hired to do makeup for video, runway, portrait, and wedding/bridal work. My makeup skills allow me to offer services adapted to multiple mediums, including airbrush as needed.

In order to continually grow as an artist, I regularly engage in educational opportunities to learn about new techniques and professional products. I have participated in workshops and training taught by James Vincent, Danessa Myricks, Terri Tomlinson, Jeff West, Maurice Stein and Michael Devellis of The Powder Group.

I am passionate about utilizing makeup to enhance each client’s natural beauty while creating a camera ready version of themselves. In addition to building my portfolio, I am looking for opportunities to grow as an artist and gain valuable experience in the industry.

Christa Highlander